How to Teach ELLs Like a Pro Using SIOP Lesson Delivery Strategies

I get it. You’re a high school social studies teacher trying to help your English Language Learners. And it’s hard. But it can be easier than you think. I’m here to help you along the way. The secret weapon in your arsenal is SIOP’s Lesson Delivery Component. This strategy can help your ELLs excel in your class.

How to Teach ELLs Like a Pro Using SIOP's Lesson Delivery Strategy

Before we dive into the Lesson Delivery Component, let’s discuss what SIOP means. It stands for Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. It’s a framework created by Dr. Jana Echevarría, Dr. MaryEllen Vogt, and Dr. Deborah J. Short. Their mission was simple – to bridge the gap between content mastery and language acquisition.

There are 8 components of SIOP:

  1. Lesson preparation
  2. Building Background
  3. Comprehensible Input
  4. Strategies
  5. Interaction
  6. Practice & Application
  7. Lesson Delivery
  8. Review & Assessment

Mastering the Art of Lesson Delivery

  • Clear Content Objectives: Your lessons should resemble a well-marked trail. Make your content objectives stand out. Ensure you review them with your students and refer to them throughout the lesson.
  • Language Objectives: Outline your language objectives with precision. Language objectives are the “how” of the activity. How are students going to do the content objectives? Explain the language objectives to your students and refer to them several times.
  • Engagement: The secret sauce to effective teaching? Engagement, engagement, engagement! Strive to keep your students active and immersed in learning throughout the lesson. Aim for the golden range of 90-100%. Do discussions and group activities that have your ELLs invested in the learning process.
  • Pacing: Adjust the pace of your lesson to align with your students’ language abilities. Break complex concepts into digestible portions. This allows your ELLs to learn the content without feeling overwhelmed.

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Why Embrace SIOP’s Lesson Delivery Component?

Because this is the secret ingredient to cultivating an inclusive and empowered classroom. By embracing the Lesson Delivery Component, you’re:

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment: Your lessons should cater to diverse language needs and learning styles. This creates an environment where every student feels valued and included.
  • Nurturing Confidence: Your ELLs develop language skills as they learn the content. Active participation in language-rich activities propels their linguistic growth and bolsters their self-esteem.
  • Making Deeper Connections: Learning history and civics are important because they help students understand the world around them. SIOP’s Lesson Delivery ensures that ELLs don’t simply comprehend the content – they connect with it personally.

Lesson Delivery Ideas

World History:

Have your ELLs create “historical diaries” from the perspective of a historical person. Or, have them research and create a presentation to share with their classmates.

U.S. History:

Transform ELLs into storytellers! Assign each student a historical figure. Then, have them become “interviewers,” sharing life stories and insights on pivotal events.


Infuse civics with life through a “Government Carnival.” Task each student with embodying a branch of government or a political system. Have them set up interactive booths. At these booths, they will have discussions about their roles and contributions.

Now it’s time to plunge into SIOP! Infuse your SIOP Lesson Plans with engagement, comprehension, and linguistic growth. Let the Lesson Delivery Component be your guide. It will propel you to inspire, foster connections, and pave the way for your ELLs to shine.

Remember, each lesson enriched with SIOP creates curiosity, growth, and victories over language barriers.

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