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“Finally!” I said to myself as I walked up to the counter. This was my third time at the DMV to get a Tennessee license. Yup, you read that right. THIRD. I try to stay positive most of the time, but I couldn’t help thinking, “no wonder everyone hates the DMV.”  Long story short,  I […]

Yes, You Should Vote in the Primaries. Here’s Why.

Yes, You Should Vote in the Primaries. Here's Why.

Do you believe in magic? Well, the Electoral College sure does. It’s a magic number, and it’s 270. That’s the number you’ll see sprawled across the top of all the news channels on election day. It’s the number of electoral votes a candidate needs to win the presidential election. So I figured I’ll explain the […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Electoral College

Explain the Electoral College

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