Summer’s Here! 5 Ways to Make Your Vacation Awesome

Imagine… it’s the middle of July, and one of those back to school commercials comes on tv. The first thing that pops into your head is “WTF, it’s not even August yet. Why are they showing back-to-school commercials?! Summer vacation just started. We JUST got out of school.” Welp, I finally know the reason. There are areas of the country that go back to school the first week of August. Who knew?

Well, here I am. Teaching in Nashville, TN, and it’s finally here…you know, the best time of the year. It’s officially summer vacation! I know what you’re thinking… I’d be thinking it too…how are you on summer vacation already?? Well, down in TN, we are out of school. But don’t worry, we go back at the end of July. While you’re enjoying your time off during the hottest month of the summer, we’ll be back at school. But I digress…

Summer Vacation

I’m excited about summer vacation, especially this year. This whole remote learning experience has been tough on us. I’m sure you can’t wait for summer break either. I’m excited about warmer weather, traveling back home to CT, and to doing as much as I can in Tennessee as the state reopens. I also like to spend the summer being productive. I’m sure you do too. Feelings stuck? Here are some things to keep your mind SHARP this summer.

1. Get Your History Nerd On!

This one’s for all you closet (and not so closet) History Nerds! It’s ok, wear that badge of honor with pride. Summertime is the perfect chance to get out and do all the nerdy things you’ve wanted to do all year but didn’t have time to. Check out that museum, for instance. Go to that city and do the historical walking tour. (Did I ever tell you one of my dreams is to lead historical walking tours in period costume? No? Well, there it is). You can also head to that awesome conference about that topic only you like. Summer is the best time to take advantage of those opportunities.

2. Work on that project you’ve always wanted to

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Start that project! Or, continue that project! I know I’ve made excuses in the past about not having time to do all the things I want to do. Have you? I encourage you to take this extra time and get working! What have you always wanted to do? Write a book? Start a blog? Create an Etsy shop? Now’s the time to do it! So get started and build the momentum that will keep you going once school starts again.

Summer Vacation


This is my favorite. If you’re a reader, get reading! I still get up at the same time I do during the school year (4:15 am, yes, I know, I’m crazy, but what can I say? I’m a morning person) and read. But, in the summer, I can read longer. So, read that beach read you haven’t gotten to. Read that book about a historical topic you love. I like to do this and then incorporate what I learned into my curriculum. 

4. Get a job

I know, it’s summer vacation and you don’t want to work. There have definitely been summers when I haven’t worked. I will get to that point again. But let’s face it. We ain’t rakin’ in the dough as teachers, and sometimes a little extra money helps. There are tons of gig jobs that you could do that allow flexibility and bring in some extra cash. So, I’m currently working for one of the grocery shopping companies. It’s great. I’m using the extra money to help fund the Teach Hungry Movement. I’m also using the money for fun little extras. This way, they won’t impact our budget. 

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5. Self-Care

Finally, RELAX. One of the perks of being a teacher is getting the summers off. You know it makes other people super jealous (though, hey, they could be teachers too, but…). Enjoy your summer. Teaching is hard. REAL hard. Take this time to take care of yourself. What do you like to do for self-care? I love to go on solo walks, read, head to the lake or beach, etc. So get out there and enjoy your summer!

Want to learn more about the Teach Hungry Movement? Click here to check out the website!

What are you up to this summer?? 

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