5 Tips to Keep Busy and Stay Sane During Self-Quarantine

If you’re like me, it’s been challenging to keep busy and stay sane while in self-quarantine. You’re probably about ready to pull your hair out from being cooped up for three weeks (in all seriousness, I have considered cutting my hair because I can’t see a hairdresser right now). You may be working from home, homeschooling your kids, and taking care of a variety of other responsibilities that you have.  

Some of us have fewer things to do, which honestly, is a blessing and a curse. I know a lot of us joke about how awesome it would be to either work from home or not have to work at all. But it’s quite dull after a while. For those of us who don’t have children, it can be challenging to fill the day with productive activity.

I know, poor me, but it feels a little like I’m wasting my life just chillin’ in my one-bedroom apartment all day. As a person who considers herself a borderline workaholic, too much downtime is a killer. Fortunately, I’ve developed a routine to help keep me busy and sane during this new way of living. All of these tips might not work for everyone, but even incorporating one or two into your routine will help relieve some of the monotony of quarantine. Here are my 5 Tips to Keep Busy and Stay Sane During Self-Quarantine:

Tip #1: Catching Up on Activities You Love to Do

For me, this is reading. I love reading, and I usually wake up at 4am during the workweek to read. It has been nice to be able to wake up a little later and read a bit longer. Reading really does help keep my sane even if I’m not in self-quarantine! What (indoor) activities do you love? This new-normal is a great time to catch up on reading, watch that movie you’ve wanted to watch, or complete the puzzle you started last year, but never got around to finish. I know several friends who are into crafting and have spent their extra free time making incredible new crafts. This situation is also a great time to get creative in the kitchen. Are you all stocked up on food? It could be the perfect time to try out that new recipe you haven’t had for or even create a little Chopped competition with the ingredients you have in your pantry.

Tip #2: Start/Continue Your Health & Fitness Routine

I’ve got to say, I haven’t been great with keeping up with my healthy eating and workout routine, and I can feel it inside and out. Fortunately, I have weights and workouts that I can do inside my apartment, and I can go for a run around my apartment complex. Let’s not forget, all this hullaballoo with me over eventually, and it will be summer. Our complex has a pool, and it’s crazy hot here in TN. I want to feel comfortable in my summer clothes! (Also, probably more importantly, at 35 it’s time to take my health and wellness seriously, not just for aesthetic reasons). So, if you haven’t started that workout routine you’ve wanted to or like me, you’re slacking on yours, there is no better time than now to get a move on and reach your fitness goals! You’ll definitely keep busy and maybe even sane (at least for an hour) during self-quarantine!

Tip #3: Find Some Time for Yourself

How on earth can we find alone time when we’re home with our family all day? My husband has been fortunate to be able to work from home, and it’s been great. Of course, we’ve needed time apart. For me, that means going into my bedroom and closing the door. I’m an introvert and to stay sane, I need to have time to myself, self-quarantine or no self-quarantine. I go in there and read or watch Netflix. It’s not much, but it’s enough for me to feel like I have my own space for a little while. If you have a house, you could sit outside for a bit, go for a walk around the block, or find a private area of your home to go. I know this can be challenging, especially if you have small children, but I think with a little communication, this could be added to your routine, if not daily, a few times a week. 

Tip #4: Prepare for Next School Year

Unpopular opinion alert! Why not prepare for next year? Many districts aren’t going back to school or are going back with only a few weeks left of the year. So there’s no point in focusing on this year’s curriculum (besides what you need to do for distance learning). This is an excellent opportunity to prep for next year. The start of school is hectic, so I prepare for the first month at the end of the summer. I might create new lessons or tweak lessons I’ve done in the past. Is the idea of doing work in your spare time a no-go for you? How about reading that book you’ve always wanted to use, or watch a few movies you’ve wanted to show but haven’t had any time to watch?


You know the thing you say you want to do, but never have time to do. THIS IS THE TIME. Even though you’re busy, I’d bet you have more time now than when you had to go to work every day. So why not write that book, start that blog, create that business that you’ve always wanted. Imagine how far you’d be in a month by carving out an hour a day! Why not just do it?! Plus, it will keep you busy and sane while you are trying to navigate self-quarantine. I’ve been putting off, working on this blog, creating my membership site, and writing a kids’ book with my best friend. I’ve decided to seize the opportunity that I have now and hopefully won’t have ever again. What have you always wanted to do? Why not start now?

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What have you been doing to keep yourself sane during this time? Leave a comment below!

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